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About Eisenhour Motor Sales


Welcome to Eisenhour Motor Sales located at 225 E Front Street in Pemberville Ohio. Eisenhour Motor Sales, Inc. is a four-generation family-owned vehicle dealership with a rich history. It began in 1924 with Walter Eisenhour and Fred Smith working for B.R. Jimison selling Willys-Overland products in the building that now houses Eisenhour Motor Sales. They soon struck out on their own and were quickly selling and fixing Pontiacs, Oaklands, and Chevrolets. These were purchased for resale from local dealers. Customers often paid in cash and occasionally traded in a horse or two.

Walter and Fred were offered the direct franchise agreement with Chevrolet in 1930, and therefore dropped selling the Pontiac and Oakland lines. During the depression years, the local bank was closed, and they had to carry cash to purchase their inventory. Back then, they had to travel to Flint, Michigan to pick up their inventory - and they had to bring help to drive their purchases homes. No haul-aways were dropping product off at their front door!

In 1935, they purchased the building that presently holds the business and hired two mechanics, their first employees.

When the war years hit, two of the men were sent to war. Walter and the remaining employee ran the business. There were no cars to sell, as the factory was working in military production. Being the ever-enterprising man that he was, Walter started banging out dents and painting cars - the beginning of the body shop! Walter had to make due being a mechanic, body repair man and a bus driver!

In 1950, Walter went out on his own, and the name was changed to Eisenhour Motor Sales. Walter's son, Jack, became part of the business and in 1959 they became incorporated. They added a used car lot across the street and a body repair shop down the street.

In 1966, Jack became the principle dealer and Walter started working less when Jack's son, Brian, began working weekends and summers. Brian then began working full time after college in 1984. They bought more land for the used vehicle lot, sold the body shop, and added computers. Walter died in 1991 and Brian joined the business as the Vice President.

In 2010, GM downsized its dealership body, and Eisenhour Motor Sales was among that group. However, short of selling new cars, we are the same friendly, knowledgeable and up-to-date source for all your used vehicle purchases and repairs. We are equipped to diagnose problems on most any make or model.

In 2011, Brian's daughter Megan joined the business to help with selling vehicles and assisting with office tasks. In 2012 Brian stepped up as President of Eisenhour Motor Sales.

In 2021, Brian's son Todd became President of Eisenhour Motor Sales.

Here at Eisenhour Motor Sales we take pride in doing business the old fashioned way with honesty and integrity. Here you are not just another number and we are positive that you will truly see a difference in how we run our business compared to a larger dealership. Many of our customers come back generation after generation because of our reputation.

We look forward to serving all of your automotive needs well into the future. We specialize in late model, pre-owned, GM vehicles with low mileage and the cleanest vehicles in town. Because we are used to selling new vehicles, we make sure all of our premium used vehicles have that "like new" feel!  If we don't have what you're looking for, please contact us! We will do our best to try to locate something for you at minimal cost to you! Please call us at 419-287-3271; or email us at cars@wcnet.org to make an appointment. Again, we appreciate your business and hope that we can make your experience with the car industry a very comfortable and relaxing one.

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